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Adele Pedulla grew up the daughter of an artist. Always possessed with a love of creation and art making, she discovered her passion for sculpture when she was able to work three dimensionally in her foundations year of college. Adele became interested in sculpture because of the wide parameters and endless possibility that it offers. She became engrossed in human activated work, art that functioned outside the relationship between artist and artwork. After taking a few sculpture courses it became apparent that this type of thinking allowed her to work towards this goal. She hopes to be constantly trying new media and enjoys studying fields of art making outside of sculpture to incorporate back into it.



Adele has always been drawn to art, be it painting, sculpture, drawing, video, that creates an experience for the viewer. Her love of stories and narrative has played a role in her tendency to produce work that requires participation of the viewer. Some seminal pieces that shaped this way of thinking and working for Adele were The Confession Tree and The Uhaul Confessional. She is currently making works that deal with the same element of human interaction, however they deal with capturing the essence of everyday activities, rather than more grandiose specific moments, such as the moment of confession.

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